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The quincunx aspect in astrology is where two planets are one hundred and fifty degrees apart. This is an interesting aspect as it is an uneven division of the degree circle. Unlike other aspects, it is not an aspect that produces an elegant number. This is very much the essence of this aspect. It is a difficult one.

Planetary Aspects: Quincunx

The two planets involved forming a quincunx aspect, cannot easily see and communicate with each other. They are not straight in front of each other but slightly skewed off. Yet we know in some way they are related to each other. Since each sign is 30 degrees apart we can see from the one hundred and fifty degrees, that the planets are five signs away from each other.

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Unlike the trine aspects, the elements are not the same and the nature of the signs are also different cardinal, fixed etc. The native may exhibit a tendency to be too critical of others especially co-workers , and must learn to cultivate a more patient attitude towards them. Those who are close to the person may find them to be too rebellious and irritating.

Aspects in Astrology: The Inconjunct or Quincunx

All activities of the individual will probably need to be moderated before physical illness can develop. If the native should happen to have a planet in Gemini inconjunct a planet in Capricorn, there can be a serious outlook that can boarder on chronic depression. There is also a tendency to get into a rut of everyday routine existence. This is very evident in regards to professional activities. There can also be the tendency to get into a rut in day to day existence. Any kind of papers or documents relating to the individuals vocation should warrant special attention.

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The care of an elderly or sick sibling could place a restrictive burden on the individual. If a person should have a planet in Leo inconjunct a planet in Pisces they may well be the victim of deception and deceit in romantic ventures. The individual may have an inclination to over dramatize affairs of the heart, and even seek out the exciting danger of clandestine interludes. Children could be a source of hidden loss or sorrow. The native should be on guard for indulgence in alcohol and other additive drugs.

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In some charts there are two planets that are in sextile aspect to each other, and both inconjunct a common third planet. An example of this would be if the person has their Sun in Taurus and their Mars in Cancer sextiling each other with both planets inconjuncting the Moon in Sagittarius. This configuration is known as a yod. Inconjuncts always require that a particular adjustment be made. Many times this adjustment is a difficult one to make.

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In the case of the yod, the two planets sextiling one another will help each other make the adjustments. In every yod the one planet receiving the two inconjuncts become the focal point of the configuration.

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The desire to make the required to make the required changes will come from the focal planet, and the opportunity to carry out that desire will then be manifested through the two planets in sextile aspect. If an individual has the inconjunct aspect represented in their natal chart, and is a highly developed kind of person, they can make the aspect work for them and reap the benefits of growth it produces.

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  • On the other hand, if a person is completely anchored to the mundane affairs of life, the inconjunct can be devastating aspects whose disruptive action has no constructive significance in their life.

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