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Deferred billing on albums ordered under exchange program from Jan. Expires: Jan. Plan begins Jan. Expires: Feb. Dealers may order as many as 5 copies of each new Jan. For further info contact local Carlton distrib. Albums: Dollar exchange privilege limited to stereo for stereo, mono for mono, replaces the category on series restrictions. No discount allowed on Broadway show albums, multiple disk sets.

To qualify, dealer must order a minimum of thirty albums covering at least fifteen different titles. Payments to be made over 3 month period. Expires Feb. Distribs will receive 1 free LP with each 5 of ' the same title they buy. Applies to entire catalog. Special deferred payment whereby billing will be split one-half in Feb. Ex- pires Jan. Nine new Jan. Brooklyn 37, N.



List is compiled from retail outlets. I'll take your offer! Major purpose of the meeting, Talmadge stated, was to begin plan- ning the convention, and to ap- point committees which can begin to function in this area immediately. From there, the boys will play concerts, club dates, G. On Feb. Concerts, Inc. Preceding the main order of busi- ness, which was the preliminary con- vention planning, Sigmund Steinberg reviewed the ARMADA activities in connection with the record counter- feiting cases in California and on the coast On behalf of ARMADA, Talmadge said the organization wished to com- mend the industry trade papers for their coverage of the counterfeiting and the fact that the trade papers had recognized the role ARMADA has played in uncovering this viscous practice.

An incentive plan is being offered to dealers, details of which are available from local Decca branches. They did the i finger-popping role. Benton penned the tune. While with Specialty. He is set for eastern-mid-western iromo tour on behalf of the singles, le will also be on the lookout for new alent and materials. At the present, of- fices are located at West th St. Lined-up for future release — the first single is due in Feb. Latter recently cut four sides. Firm will be known as Greer Associates with offices in Hollywood.

Greer will indepedently retain Dot Records as an account.

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Joining Greer in his new office is Carol Kaitschuk, formerly associated with him at Dot. But BIG!! New York, N. A Great New Release! Above, Mitch chats with a couple of his female fans at a special display of his records. Cl Breaking Out Nationally! Brief was previously general man- ager of the association. Strand Sets N. According to Sid Pastner, general manager of the firm, twenty-five albums are to be intro- duced at the meeting together with a sales plan.

Sales manager Jack Angel will discuss sales trends and the results of a national survey under- taken for Strand with regard to al- bums. Public relations manager Sid Ascher will tell of the projects aimed at helping the distrib and record shops. There will also be a presentation of single releases both current and fu- ture. It was announced that RIAA would increase its efforts at gathering sta- tistical information on the record business and was contemplating a trade and public relations educational campaign on the lesser known aspects of the business. The album will be recox-ded in the Anderson Street Methodist Church ; which Ford attended in his youth and which is two-minutes from the house in which he was born.

In this group i will be his mother and father who will do one or two sides as a trio with Ford as well as sing in the chorus. This album of hymns will be the sixth religious group Ford has put to- gether for Capitol. Songs being used were picked by Ford, his mother and father.

Pending anj new affiliation, all business arrange- ments will be handled directly througl the Ray Conniff office here at S i Ventura Blvd. At the meeting — the first quarterly i eeting of — the board will seek , crystalize a basic indoctrination i rogram for radio stations to initiate. The song- tress recently was pacted by Morty Craft to cut an album of American ongs translated into Hebrew.

Simul- aneous release of the package in the J. The meeting will also include a dis- cussion on all facets of the country field, including the possibility of a CMA one-night concert promotion in cities where interest in country music is high. In the song department, an extremely interesting situation has developed. Words and music are by Evelyn D. Lou Dryer, counsel for Presley and his manager Colonel Tom Parker, met at length last week with lawyers for the film company and mapped plans to take legal consequence against those proved to have perpetrated such an act.

This practice, now reported to have become widespread, springs from the fact that some songs as heard in mo- tion pictures are not available on com- mercial recordings. Griffith was made a full-fledged deputy sheriff as a tribute to his achievements on the stage, in Hollywood and on radio and TV.

Scene was the shooting of the Jan. Washington Ave. Broad, Phila. Jack Somer, now administrator of audio coordination at Victor, was chosen to head the project. The projected earnings would approximate one dol- lar per share on the , shares of class A and B common stock outstand- ing. Dividends are paid only on ,- shares of class A stock. The class B stock is restricted and carries no dividends. He said that third quarter earnings of 17 cents a share equalled earnings for the entire first half, and that fourth quarter perform- through engineering based on the fact that most symphony orchestras have their higher pitched instruments on the left, lower pitched instruments on the right.

MGM was for- merly handled in this area by Sun- land Music. Disk, which is reportedly making noise in the San Francisco, Los Angeles and other coast markets, will be released on Donna. Girard Ave. Mel is associated with Lampert. Bennett said Liberty, which was corporated in , now ranks nir in size among record companies. Offices are at 24 E Bridge Plaza So. Prior to joining Columbia, Resta was active managerially in sa '! In- i lentally, out of the 50 disks presented, EMI artists have been awarded He will be backed by The Shadows and The Vernons ; iris.

They have recorded both solo and together and i peared as a double act in theatres throughout Scandinavia. On the other hand, the number ; radio sets sent out showed an increase of nearly , Sir Joseph will fly back to England in ; rly February. Shampan will also be meeting with publisher Robert Mellin and songwriter Kermit Goell before re- i rning to London on January The blonde bombshell of fame opens five-week season on Monday, March 13 appearing twice nightly at 9 p.

Other international star names likely to appear at the nitery 1 is year include Peggy Lee and Eydie Gorme and Steve Lawrence. The latest pop songwriter to turn to show business is Peter Hart. Denis Preston of Record Supervision is also making an. P recording of the show for release by a major label. England's Best Sellers 1.

Ricordi 5. Blues — Elvis Presley R. Adam — Adam Faith Parlophone 4. South Pacific — Soundtrack R. Song Without End — Soundtrack Pye Swing Easy — Frank Sinatra Cap- itol Sway — Bobby Rydell Columbia Southern The Shadows — The Shadows Co- lumbia 7. Twangy — Duane Eddy London 8. South Pacific Highlights — Sound- track R. Stanley Unwin for many years a member of the BBC sound engineers department, was the technical expert chosen to go on the Royal Tour of South Africa country of his birth in His unique brand of humor lends itself admirably to the recording medium.

Lonnie Donegan just signed a new long term recording contract with Pye Records. The signing took place at the Theatre Royal Nottingham where Lonnie is appearing in pantomime in the presence of T. Threlfell told The Cash Box that of all the artists appearing on the Pye label, Lonnie has always been the most consistent. The company is proud to have such an artist and is confident that his disk consistency will continue for a number of years. Negotiations are well advanced for Lonnie to appear in his first major British film— shooting is likely to start in October or November.

Below are the entries of the songs and the singers engaged. The list of the publishers of the tunes was published in The Cash Box dated January 7. There is great hope for the future of this company since both persons involved are very active in their respective fields. The two singers are Reno himself and Nelly Fioramonti. Reno, the well known Italian singer whose fame is worldwide, needs no intro- duction. Nelly is a new female talent. The latter three are the authors of the songs they will perform from the most important stage for pop melody releases.

Pino Donaggio is the youngest 19 years old among the artists who will attend our national contest. According to VCM, sales of the record are rising quickly. Mintangian announced to The Cash Box the creation of a new record line, called Circus, to assemble a new music repertoire interpreted by new Italian singers exclusively. Decca announced the release of the second LP by international star Caterina Valente. Her first LP has reached the 4, mark in sales. At Decca, they are extremely happy for the fact that many recordings appearing on the highest spots of The Cash Box chart belong to their group.

The year has begun with a few interesting changes and replacements in the record business — Pierre Bourgoin left Pathe-Marconi to go to Europe IN o. Into it moved Mr. Brunet who hact been serving as assistant to the general secretary of Philips. Brunet was latei transferred to Tutti Editions which is controlled by Philips. Good luck and sue- i cess from us to Brunet in his new position!

Brigitte Bertholier, former artists director for Tutti, has left the firm to set up a new publishing company, Baga - 1 telle Editions, in collaboration with Denyl Bourgeois. More later about this new firm, which will be a cooperative.

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The publishing department and coordinating office only remain in Paris. The transfer finished, Vogues piexyp Leon Cabat, is going to Germany with Roger Triffle of Pye to set up their joint organization and prepare for their German recordings. Cabat has sent his assistant, Jacqueline Bouvier, to Germany with the task of establishing contacts with the music publishers there. The annual meeting in Pans of the salesmen, managers and directors of the Vogue organization was held recently. The annual San Remo Italy song festival is at hand and everything is ready at Durium-Vogue so that the winning songs will be recorded and on the market the Monday after the festival opens.

After s, fast trip to Hollywood, Mr. Nathan will come back here with his interna- tional director, Mr. Bailey, at the end of January to settle Dot distribution lr France and Belgium. Nathan talked with Eddie Barclay on Fuesday.

Look out for the one. The Jo Jones recording of this , is hot in France. Phi' says he has bought rights to the No. Their first side. The public will see the film at the end of January. Poland will claim him on his return to Europe. Jacqueline Francois, well-known to the American continent, will go to Mon treal in February and then on to Florida.

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Von Dohnanye. They plan to put pressure on the manufacturers and we hop they succeed in getting lower prices! France's Best Sellers 1. Ella was seen in great performances of some fine standards with backings by the Lou Levy Quartet which toured with Ella during her triumphant Australian visit. There should be a world market for this hour-long TV show by Ella and company. New infant is named Vicky. Poppa Johnny should be in the United States by now on his second promotion visit. Moira Delray, from the Lee Gordon office, called by during her recent visit to Melbourne and was very happy with the advance bookings for the show which has now been extended to include a one-nighter in Perth, Western Australia.

Isa and Alice Springs. Arrangements ai-e now being finalized for this tour and on its completion Col Joye will have toured every State in Australia. Col is at present recording material at Festival some of which will be released in England to coincide with his visit to that country.

American stripper Lee Sharon, who came to Australia to open the Pigalle nightclub, has left that nitery and formed a company which has opened two nightclubs in Sydney — The Hungry and The Folies. Veteran jazzmen claim this group to be the most talented to come out of Australia for many years. The first year of Belinda Music Australia Pty. During the year, Belinda has embraced new companies for George Weiner Music and Trinity Music of New York and must be con- sidered one of the most rapidly developing companies in Australia.

With a jive party in one room and a more sober gathering in the other, Norman reports that he eventually sat down and let them take over — and little wonder as Norman is one of the busiest men in the business. He also does a weekly broadcast — with his Sextet — for the ABC. Sailor Lolita- — Polydor 4. Perfidia The Ventures — -London 5. Sway Bobby Rydell — H. Peter Gunn Duane Eddy — London Of course, the radio station is planning more Pourcel potpouri programs. Angele Durand has changed producers. Frankfurt radio orchestra leader Willy Berking has signed an exclusive contract by Polydor.

The record has enjoyed a seven day sale of over 15, It was not released for general sale. The carnival season or the Pre Lenten season is under way and record art- ists are flocking into Munich and Cologne for appearances at masked balls which will be held until the middle of February. Boy recorded for Ariola and Electrola previously, but the name no longer ap- plies.

Boy is now a man. The deejays like it a lot. Since Thanksgiving isi unknown here, no one was bothered by the seasonal significance. Germany's Best Sellers 1. It is Bella Musica which w handle the representation. There are approximately 1, juke boxes in operation in Denma today, it is reported. Italian teenage singer Robertino has made something of a record in De mark. In five weeks, his EP sold 25, copies. His label, Triola, expects present him with a gold disk for the sale of , records in Denma and Sweden eaifly in Since Southern Music has beg to work harder to sell classic music, its present offices at Kungsgatan have become much too small, and the company is now looking for a new a bigger office.

It was a combination of bu: ness and studies, he reports. While in the States, he did a lot of negotiatii with several Ameidcan record companies, and in near future he expects th contracts will be signed. He also studied American record promotion and g several new ideas which he thinks can be used by his company in the futui Among other things, he discussed a tour of Sweden with Frankie Avalon a Fabian, and it seems possible that the two artists might come to Stockhol either in the spring or autumn.

Ernst Jorgensen, who now handles the record dept, of Knappupp, repoi that Knappupp signed contract with H. Lengsfelder as Scandinavian re resentative for his Request Records. I also attended the wedding of Gunnar Bergstrom, head of Scandinavian. EMI in Scandinavia just held a Scandinavian convention here. Westerlund AB in Helsinki, A. Norway's Best Sellers 1. Sjomann Sailor Jan Hoilan Columbia 9. Kostaja Big Iron Nelose Triola 8. Hansen 4. Pathe, the French Bovema-label, sails a very popular course with South- , nerican dance-music.

Phonogram 1 the London-label, is becoming quite popular in the low countries. On juke- xes all around the little country by the Suiderzee you can find Vee. Pompe, label manager for Warner in lolland. Phonogram since muary 1, is to find a suitable home in Amsterdam. Van der Meer and his farming wife still live in Eindhoven, about 90 miles from Amsterdam.

Crowds : teenagers cheered the star in Amsterdam, Eindhoven and Tilburg, ftein Klaassen — sales manager of L. Phonogram flew to London to pay a it to his friends in the Decca Company. Policy for Decca and London labels i re discussed. Basart, Amsterdam 9. Running Bear — Johnny Preston Mercury Paper Roses — Anita Bryant London Volare— Bobby Rydell Top Rank Greenfields — The Brothers Four Coronet High Hopes— Frank Sinatra Capitol Marina — Rocco Granata Prestige Philips Electrical Industries next with 4 in the top 50 distributing Coronet.

Bideri, Naples 4. Barclay, Paris 5. Horton 2. Am I Losing You J. Reeves 4. Dudley 5. Sanders 6. Davis Wells and Roy Drusky 8. Jackson 9. Husky 2. I Missed Me J. Window Up Above G. Jones 5. Foolin' Around IB. Deep River IP. Williams 9. Copas 2. High As The Mountains B. Owens 3. Tubb 4. Drusky 5. The Image Of Me B. Wills 6. Tubb 7. Make Me Realize R. Doug 8. Let Forgiveness In W. Pierce 9. One Step Away H. Thompson Jones 2. Sauceman 3. Gray 4. Dime's Worth Of Dreams B. Martin 5. My Last Date S. Davis 6. I Think I Know M.

Worth 7. Fallen Angel W. Pierce 8. Loving You B. Gallion 9. Please Be My Love C. Sauceman Martin 2. Thompson 3. Another Cup Of Coffee C. Sauceman 5. Maddox 6. Window Above G. Jones 7. Gallion S. Lonely Pee Wee King 9. Fallen Angel Pierce 3. I Missed Me Reeves 4. Window Up Above Jones 5. Wings Of A Dove Husky 6. Sweet Dreams Gibson 7. I Think I Know Worth Gallion 2. Wanting You J. Newman 3. A Dimes Worth of Dreams B. Martin 4. This Old Heart S. McDonald 5. Walk On Boy M. Lillis 6. Lying Again F. Hart 7. Drusky 8. Worth 9. The O her Cheek K. Wells Candy Hearts G.

Jones 3. Huskey 4. Judge Not M. Bowes 5. I Want To Live Again! Madox 7. Jericho 8. Mean Eyed Cat J. Cash 9. One Track Mind B. Harrell Ramona S. Lauderdale, Fla. Gray 2. Most Beautiful C. Bowman 3. Excuse Me B. Owens 5. Alabam C. Copas 6. Davis 7. Sweet Dreams D. Gibson 8.

Jones Enclosed find my check. See Pop Reviews. Very pretty side. Can attract strong country attention. Rates careful consideration for the airplay. Good deck for juke tavern location. Still, might be worth plays. She gives it a soil affectionate reading. Could be a mom disk. A real tear-jerker the true country tradition. Tw' market potential. Both a worthy of recognition. Interesting date. Combo support is amateurish. Nai si. A string of dates cover- ing the south and southwest in Feb.

Johnson, who headquarters in Wheeling, W. Slick Norris has added Warren Smith to his growing stable. Slick tells us that Adrian will be in Nashville next week for a disk date with Mercury, his first with a big label. We met the boy in Nashville in November and were impressed enough to want to wish him the best of success.

Jimmy does six hours a night spotlighting one LP each session. Aneone interested in booking the club should contact Richie. Hank and the boys just completed an extensive list of one-nighters through the Pacific north- west and Canada, stopping off at the Capitol Tower in Hollywood long enough to cut several more singles and enough material for another album. The change took place Jan. They are also prone to hedonism, laziness, inflexibility, jealousy, and antipathy. Gemini is the third sign of the Zodiac and is associated with youth and versatility. Individuals born under this sign are thought to have a sociable, fun-loving, versatile, lively, communicative, liberal, intelligent, mentally active, and friendly character.

They are also thought to be prone to moodiness, inconsistency, superficiality, restlessness, and laziness. Cancer is the fourth sign of the Zodiac. It is associated with family and domesticity. Individuals born under this sign are thought to have a kind, emotional, romantic, imaginative, sympathetic, nurturing , and intuitive character. They are also supposed to be prone to changeability, moodiness, hypersensitivity, depression, and clinginess.

Leo is the fifth sign of the Zodiac and is associated with the keywords magnanimous, generous, hospitable , caring, warm, authoritative, active, and open. Leos are typically pictured as very dignified and regal. They are hard-working, ambitious, and enthusiastic, however, they are supposedly prone to laziness, often choosing to take "the easy way out. They have a natural dramatic flair and are very creative. They are typically very self-assured and love taking center-stage in whatever arena they are in. Virgo is the sixth sign of the Zodiac. It is associated with purity and service. Individuals born under this sign are thought to have a diligent, analytical, self-sufficient, controlled, orderly, and modest character.

But they are also prone to fussiness, perfectionism , harsh criticism, coldness, and hypochondria. Libra is the seventh sign of the Zodiac. It is associated with justice. Individuals born under this sign are thought to have a pleasant, articulate, charming, social, charismatic character. They are artistic. But they also possess a fair, refined, diplomatic, even-tempered and self-sufficient character. On the negative side, they are thought to be indecisive, lazy, aloof, flirtatious, and shallow. They are also supposedly extravagant, frivolous, impatient, envious, and quarrelsome.

Scorpio is the eighth sign of the Zodiac. It is associated with intensity, passion, and power. Parameter 8 0 I Observation I Lagna lord l. House Birth Chart D Navamsha Chart 2H T 'l1 'Cflful!. I ,, IJ'. Jupiter is transiting in Pisces and from there it aspects the natal Venus in Gemini,leadlng to the fulfilment of this parameter. P7 6 planets. So, this parameter is fulfilled. So, this parameter parameter.

Is not fulfilled. However, we need to remember 7H, 7L. But probe a little deeper and find that that Bill and Hillary Clinton had started Sagittarius happens to be Karakamsha Lagna KL , seeing eoch other 2 years before their which is considered to be an alternate Lagna.

Then, Jupiter would have been Thus. Moon gets connected to KL. Jupiter Is transiting in in Cancer. DK does not get the Jaimlni aspect of Pisces, the 7H. Thus the parameter is Saturn. Jupiter Is transiting in 7H. Rahu and Venus are marriage givers. PDL Venus is a natural marriage giver as well. So, the parameter is fulfilled. I'M """"!! Sii W'! Sii "'"l't :s This parameter Is fulfilled. Jupiter through retrogatlon Is aspecting VS. Whereas P6 Jupiter is aspecting 7th lord Jupiter Jupiter is aspecting natal Mars placed in 2"' P7 Planets are scattered in the horoscope.

Observations Role of transiting Moon- Moon Is in 7"' ' Fo 'f'iif m am " am "liR f. Moon was in aspect of LL Saturn. Thus, this satisfied. P6 Jupiter is transiting In Leo and natal Venus parameter gets fulfilled. The retrogression of the aspect of OP posited In Capricorn. Jupiter means that Its aspect would be Parameter Is fulfilled. So, the Parameter Is met. So, th! P4 Saturn Is the natal LL. Transiting Saturn days before the marriage and so, the aspects Lagna from Scorpio. This transiting parameter Is satisfied. Saturn is retrograde and its aspect will be Observations effective from Libra.

Mercury is posited In Scorpio and Saturn is Considering its retrogression, transiting transiting there. W1 '1! It Is aspecting the Lagna. The parameter Is fulfilled. The parameter Is met. Thus double transit gives Its clearance to the marriage. LL Saturn and 7L Sun were transiting together in Taurus till 10"' june, thus leading to the fulfilment of this parameter. This parameter Is S 25 A:. Libra happens to be the DP also. This transiting Moon is in mutual aspect with 7L Sun in transit.

Allahabad The parameter is Observations 26 s. Su :'l. R q;J '! SO 'h'l 7. Bith Ch rt I - am w s. H on the day of marriage. P3 Jupiter is not aspecting VS in Virgo. Tim wf. So, this parameter is met. DOM The parameter is satisfied. Saturn is transiting In Aries and from there It aspects Lagna. Jupiter's retrogression means that Lagna receives the fifTh aspect of Jupiter from Virgo. Thus, double transit Is activating Lagna. Parameter Is satisfied.

So, this parameter Is not satisfied. So does not satisfy this parameter. Fo q; '! Moon, was in Aries 2 days Moan. This aspects natal Venus posited In Cancer. Parameter Is met. Further, Cancer parameter. However, till 27" Octob"r jupiter Observations was transiting in Libra. Thus, the parameter Role of transiting Moon - Moon Is of transiting jupiter establishing a transiting in the sign of Venus, a natural marriage connection with VS gets fulfilled. Lagna, LL, 7H and 7L. Besides the connection of LL, the marriage giving tendency gets a boost due to the fact that Venus Is a natural slgnlflcator of marriage.

But going back In time, we note that Jupiter was transiting In Libra till 27" October and from there Jupiter would have aspected VS, thus fulfilling this parameter reasonably well. Thus, the parameter of double transit Is satisfied. The parameter is met. The two are In axis. JuR s. Sat R Is aspecting lagna through retro aspect. Jupiter is aspecting lagna.

P7 Planets are scattered therefore parameter is not fulfilled. P8 This parameter is not fulfilled. P4 Saturn and Jupiter bath aspecting Lagna. This shows fulfilment of the parameter. Jupiter Is not aspecting natal Mars. Planets are scattered in the horoscope. Therefore Parameter Is not applicable.

Observations Role of transiting Moan - Moan Is in lagna an the day of marriage. Jectlng DK. VS falls in Cancer and jupiter is transiting In Leo. Saturn Is natal LL. Considering the retrogression of transiting Saturn, the Lagna and 7H also get connected. Natal 7L Sun Is transiting in Scorpio. Thus, transiting 7L Sun receives the tenth aspect of transiting LL Saturn from Aquarius, establishing a working relationship between ll anct 7L in transit.

As noted for Parameter 3 above, Jupiter was transiting In C. This is a Venetian sign and Venus is a natural marriage giver. ADL Ro P In D9 Venus is LL. Thus, the parameter is fulfilled. Chara Dasha AD is Gemini. In D9 it receives the aspect of 7L Mars. Ro Mo 1 '"' " JuRa t-- am- Case study Parameter is not met. Thus, the parameter Is met. LL Moon and 7L Saturn were transiting together in Capricorn the previous day, thus leading to the fulfilment of this parameter.

Jupiter is transiting in Leo and fails to establish any connection with natal Venus which is posited in Libra. This parameter is not met. LL Moon was transiting in 7H on the previous day. Is effective from 7H In D I. Thus, this parameter is met. Parameter it will transit In Pisces , the natal Lagna. Aspect of transiting Sa turn on DK- DK Thus, double transit is activating the Mars, posited in Sagittarius, receives the jaiminl marriage related houses and planets.

Tim: '! Jupiter is aspectlng VS Aries from Leo through 9'" aspect. Piya Milan has taken place a few months ago. Jupiter is aspecting natal Venus through retro aspect. In 09, Jupiter is posited in 7H. Further, In 09 Saturn. Is In mutual aspect with LL Moon. So, the parameter Is met. Thus, the parameter Is fulfilled. P3 VS, falling in Capricorn, does not get connected to Jupiter transiting in Aries, therefore, this parameter remains unsatisfied.

However, the previous day Moon was in Aquarius where it received the third asp ect of Saturn. Natal Mars posited In Libra receives the aspect of Jupiter translti ng In Aries, leading to the fulfilment of this parameter. Ims h 11 spauso S11RAs t't '! Piya Milan has taken place around five months back. Jupiter has already Influenced natal Mars while transiting through Cancer. Most of the planets are close to 7" H. Observation Role of transiting Moon transiting over 7"' H.

So, the parameter is satisfied. P3 VS posited in Aquarius receives the aspect of Jupiter transiting in Leo, thus satisfying the parameter. Thus, this parameter Is applicable. Natal 7L Sun, transiting In Gemini, is in mutual aspect wlth transiting Saturn, leading to the fulfilment of this parameter.

Jupiter Is transiting in Leo, the sign where natal Mars Is posited. Thus, the parameter is met.


In 09, Moon receives the aspect of l l Saturn as well as 7l Sun. In 09, Mercury Is posited in 7H. P3 VS In Aries receives the ninth aspect of transiting jupiter from leo, leading to the fulfilment of this parameter. P4 The transiting Saturn is aspecting the Lagna. Thus, the parameter Is fumlled.

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P6 Natal Venus, posited In Pisces. Thus, this parameter Is satisfactorily met. P8 7l Moon will transit In Lagna In a couple of days, leading to the fulfilment of this parameter. However at this time the parameter is not met. These two are in axls. In 09, Mercury Is the 7L. Thus, the parameter Is satisfied. Parameter not met. Saturn Is the II L. Jt:t 1"JA f.! This marriage-giving propensity of jupiter gets strengthened by Jupiter being In mutual exchange with 7L Saturn in D9.

Parameter is fulfilled.

horoscop leo 23 novemberie Horoscop leo 23 novemberie
horoscop leo 23 novemberie Horoscop leo 23 novemberie
horoscop leo 23 novemberie Horoscop leo 23 novemberie
horoscop leo 23 novemberie Horoscop leo 23 novemberie
horoscop leo 23 novemberie Horoscop leo 23 novemberie
horoscop leo 23 novemberie Horoscop leo 23 novemberie
horoscop leo 23 novemberie Horoscop leo 23 novemberie
horoscop leo 23 novemberie Horoscop leo 23 novemberie

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