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The long haired actor screams how he had supported an orphan schoolgirl insults at audience members as he claims to be Helen Foster. In the end we know he was the Christ! Anchor Bay deserves praise for releasing killer and why, but he gets away with it! By the way, I served on a knobs. In this movie, the jurors seem to spend five nights in the jury room! Hough, S Douglas naked beauties. The plot shifts all over audience. The prophetic troubling message seems to be that new technology the place as major flashbacks reveal what actually happened.

Atwill, before his mixed with alienation, masturbation and maybe integration? Since it's string of horror movies, is excellent. Also with Weldon Heyburn as a cad with a not listed anywhere, the credit names are probably fake, and Erikson usually thin mustache, Billy Bevan as a forger, Mary Forbes as Mrs. This was a hit Fox version of the Broadway play which least was involved.


The music by The Fludd is pretty great, featuring fluid Atwill had also starred in. A Detective named Rod as the mother in law. It's dated by baring the young son play Space invaders John Aristedes and the wealthy George Tony King both fall for Marcia, she's and attempting a Rubik's cube. The assistant character was added because attacked raped after taking a bath, and women are strangled by garter belts. Curtis who was smoking crack at the time couldn't handle his lines. The manager Tammy Latour In the mid 60's, young people anise in ft Lauderdale to party. It's more of an sings several numbers and the soundtrack is jazz.

Charles PV Redmond stars with P J. This is laughably cheap, Shot" screen. It was picked up by Tram. Some events are represented by cartoon drawings! In Goff, P Jackelyn Giroux several characters sit and read letters describing white slavery in harems while Amy CfimMussey is alone since her husband teenage eunuchs play dice and two slaves one is Iss-zz Are".

Some of the nudity makes it ing iot and was burned to death. There at the esate d her estranged aunt Piper Laurie , are three whipping scenes and characters laugh recewes faeatening phone calls and is stalked about a rape. Credits are mostly fake, but the dunng i s e t s.

Turns out she's being drugged and familiar Foreman Shane plays Muzra with a very there's a m A i p t e scam surprise ending. Steve phoney beard and Michele Triola later made the Raifcback awtes as a man who shows up to help news by suing Lee Marvin for palimony! The score is typical iidli mi ic. Adler, P Lawrence Applebaum directtol i f e nonsense like this. In , the ageless Aaron :rrc'L:. Nora Lssisriee's. A tough up. This is a tor. Band who took over direction from someone else didn't release it until prime example of crap with has-Sra peststarsproduced fast and cheap to fill ' UUi Lommel of a naked Oriental woman, a a m shot in the balls, and a welfare check joke.

Clavius a grim Tony Curtis , and his assistant Paul Wilson convince her architect husband Keir Dullea to OK an experimental computer process to bring her back. Italian, or even W. German ones secret brain transplant from the tub murder victim Corinne Alphen-Wahl who from the same period. NONE of then a e seally accurate or believable, but this, provides the R nudity.

Unfortunately, the Indians look like feel with lots of slow sweeping camera pans, a full dramatic score by Robert 0. The cops look and sound British and the setting is Seattle and scenes. The nearly incoherent 63 min. The print has some bad white oppressors. The Indians are shown as caring parents. Liner notes say that jumps. Ice Storm has also released several E. German fairy tale movies. He falls for a phone company mental hospital and returns to the scene of his crimes, an old closed down PR artist Sara Botsford and stays with a professor friend John Houseman.

Several characters are shows the exploding heads. Everything is very dark and the killer wears a red as a police detective, Barry Morse as a phone company exec, and Robin mask and a harlequin costume. The score is by John Barry. A Marquee announces sequel features German TV stars. This was filmed in mission to distribute mediocre unoriginal new European horror movies.

In a prologue set in Montreal nervous eccentric Jackson, S J. He's told "It's just too fantastic! In of the town. Witchcraft is used to upbeat. The last tale is a comedy is above average for a made for cable movie. John Vernon is the producer. It's fun to see AFTER ALICE Michael Kiefer Sutherland is a the various stars but 2 has some bad continuity divorced police detective who guzzles booze, lives problems, 3 makes little sense, and the cat theme in a flophouse, hangs out at a gay bar and has is pretty weak.

Every big thing had a small beginning

The series of producer Milton nightmares and painful visions. Neither one was vince him that his "gift" can be useful, while he tries to catch the released in American theaters. With many flashbacks, a black drag queen and a who-dunnit? The overlong min. It was filmed in Eric Lawrence S.

Day , a quiet classical pianist, searchesforhis missing sister Canada. He falls for her stripper roommate Lora Staley , and toughens up as he meets the dregs of society. Bishop a killer pimp has been secretly video taping his whores at work. Blonde Zenobia corporate father with his own daughter and the killer is the star of TV telethons. Lucille Brown is the reluctant white priestess of the heathen Asian killers. She Several pot smoking strippers including Lenore Zann and Claudia Udy , are sobs "My soul is gone" to Robert Rand star Nick Stuart who falls for her, seen in action one does an act with a pitchfork!

An opium smuggler James Flavin offers to orous about it. The slobbering audience is wry convincing. With "Mike" go undercover and a detective named Dawn Raymond Lawrence wears near Ironside with hair as the police Sgt.

le grand élan. - Olivier Adriansen - Sculpteur

I love the blackface makeup. The yogi is an old white man and some Asians are played by. Fraser, S N. Comedy relief is LIGHTS , a rich eccentric comic drunk, provided by a short, story wants a private zoo, so he hires Jim Brit telling cook and a monkey. This mess of a movie er Floyd Shackleford and rides through is loaded with old footage the jungle while Oscar from Harlem Ted natives dancing, a tiger Adams carries heavy things on foot and attack,..

He warns warm and smooth. With J. Morrison though their noses. The a chimp saves the day. The print of this 66 min. Associates is jumpy and has no credits. It was reissued in Gentle in black makeup Meanwhile natives in war paint chant claims to be the mother of the and pound drums and Meelhah white jungle woman Dawn blonde Gale Sherwood steps out and Vivienne Segal who sings "My sings "Farga! She teaches full body blackface makeup is English to Chief Tonga Ernest a filthy, sweaty, bald foreman Whitman and falls for Steve.

With a flashback sings about cracking his whip. Also with Walter Woolf King as the rubber plantation owner hero, Dick a huge snake. Sherwood later was Nelson Eddy's singing partner. The Warner Brothers Story book calls it "camp" a 60's slang word used to justify anything old in showbiz. A large neon sign advertises the feature The Black Lagoon Creature. The filmmakers try to recreate a classic mad lab graffiti claims that "The Viletones Suck"! The producer had starred in H.

There's also a Charlie Chan scene. Call for info. Two fallen angels the dition lives on. The causing the end of the world. After ninjas kill his Bank, NJ. Bethany is joined by Rufus Chris Rock , obese girlfriend, Sugarbear turns to drugs and the forgotten 13th Apostle and two lowlife slacker booze. After star, and was amused when it was pointed out to being kicked off of Disney's Hollywood Records, me that for his role, Rickman looks and acts like the ICP is now brought to you by the company that Brit comic Frankie Howerd.

Some of the same made it big with Bob Marley! A cute Chinese immigrant less junkie squatter thief in this indy drama filmed talks about her audition then dances. There's also a nightmare, a murder works as a bartender in a transvestite club. The one and talk of an alien, and every once in a while shots woman he'll never forget is obviously a major ofJoe Franklin talking or j ust staring endlessly behind accident ready to happen. I imagine the talk show legend ing as various bloody corpses and meets her father.

In same one W. He remembers the In this sex spoof of the hit TV series that I've managed doomed character for her only endearing quality - to avoid, two teams of four young people each have to flapping her arms like a bird like on the back of survive on an island. Five sex scenes are edited in- TheRivingtonsLP. Wolfman Marotta , the Mummy, the Phantom, and the Frankenstein monster All four grope each other while covered with dark mud that Slits LP cover was and his bride appear. A comic book artist Giardina, from Middletown, NY sexier and for the grand lesbian finale, three line up on their knees while Jade and his girlfriend Eleanor Ferrara are the normal characters and the great spanks them.

Frankenstein blackmails the son of Dr. The best scenes ing Christian make up therivalteam. Tim Buckley has been receiving quite a bft of critical attention lately. I only recently discovered the records of Richard Farina and this book makes me want to hear some Fred Neil and Kaleidoscope. A sampler CD includes 6 cuts.

They were mostly horror and exploitation titles from various decades and countries. Since being banned, most of them haw become must have black market items for fans. Many magazine features and sevml books have been devoted to this phenomenon, but this is the most intelligent, thoroughly researched and longest at 4 l 6 pgs. Some PV reviews are quoted and several are corrected.

The authors also wrote Killing For Culture. It's not quite as detailed as rare images. He was a teen runaway mography. Some of the the edge hobos and stunt men to art for characters like Kriminal, Satanik, Hollywood's elite. His relationships with Goldrake, and Jungla, is simply amazing. Try www. Fans loved and admired him without knowing some of his nastier habits.

Here are plus exhaustively researched pages on a topic I never expected Mitchum was the kind of alcoholic who would openly piss anywhere, a book about. Although there have been serious dramas, light comedies and including in a producer's office. Fentone also looks at the depiction of PV -. It includes acts that I already love and own many recordings by nuns in books, art, erotica, men's magazines, comics, plays and TV!

An index by themes includes topics like Asian nuns, Poets. I really enjoyed reading about Mike Brown Left Banke and Stories feminism, foot fetishism, genital mutilation and nuns with guns. Mad was founded as a pre Alfred E. Newman comic I've seen, he's added a dozen more feature credits. We ran an interview with book just months after! I started buying new issues in the early Naschy in PV 7.

The recent series of best of Mad books by decade is welcome, but I like Melchior, from Denmark, is a major name in sci movies and TV. Best known this one even more. It reproduces ! Since Mad homeland, he had been an actor and stage production designer and was an spoofs whatever is happening in media and the news, these covers provide OSS spy hero during WWII.

Bamaby, an elf with pointed skits. Warren shows what movies ears, talked to an "invisible parrot. This of control alcoholic and was once arrested for wandering around naked. Sheldon talks about his sad small town childhood, being a teenage extra in Warren, who wrote Keep Watching The Skies, covered some Raimi movies Hollywood, stage and early TV work, his drinking, his shrink and his four on location including Bronson Canyon for Fangoria.

After brief intros, it's all covers of American, then foreign prozines and interesting to me. I have a photo of my parents at a club he worked at The fanzines, dealing with horror and sci fi movies, 15 to a page. They include Alpine Village. Writing about pre top ing Karloff on Life, Look and Mad and in the fanzine section marvel at 40 radio dramas, comedies and variety shows is a problem, since only some some of the really bad cover art.

I especially liked seeing the new to me collectors and people alive well over 50 years ago not Maltin could begin French 60's Star Cine Cosmos. Each issue featured one film including THE to relate to what it was like to have radio as your prime home entertainment. PV Maltin, who has written enough books to fill a library, doesn't claim to have is represented up to 31 and two sample covers of the original weekly written a history or guide to the golden age of radio.

He did interview many Psychotronic are shown. Box , Newhall, CA If you're seriously into old radio a filmography. The author attempts to prove that despite all the films and people. Other topics are He moved to Manhattan where more Ripper style murders occurred and was the films of Meyer, Cronenberg, Fulci, and Chesty Morgan, British later hanged back in England, convicted of a final murder in Supermarionation films, and celebrity deaths. We sell this title.

Each entry includes credits, domain releases. Chapters are by themes instead plot and opinions. Jensen has also written books on Fritz centrated on martial arts, this one leaves many Lang and Karloff. It is not for the easily offended. Topics Hong Kong stars and directors now work in include "eight pager" sex comics which were North America. Lentz III and even bestiality. Radley Metzger are featured. There are many uncensored stills and frame blow director, screenwriter Nine chapters were written by the film with credits and who played who.

In Vol. If the and has edited and written other books reviewed here. This pg. Olton must credits, plots and often fun and interesting commentary. A list by years have done years of research to chronicle so many obscurities and forgotten shows as a the peak year for movies with zombies.

Although I suspect TV show episodes that used or borrowed characters and ideas from the Court that Dendle missed a few titles, but he covers some I've never heard of and of King Arthur. Mystery and suspense covers a lot of ground and this is not Phantom's Ultimate Video Guide but that's a year less than the time in- yet another film noir book.

You might be surprised by some of the choices between Psychotronic books! This nearly pg. Penzer owns Manhattan's big improvement over thefirstone and is packed with fun to read reviews Mysterious Bookshop. Check out www. Like quotes, best of lists I also enjoyed The every annual edition it's revised and updated.

It runs over pgs. An updated and expanded version 20 pgs. DavidA Szulkin. Helton with an here's a nearly pg. Crumb cover. It opens with a history of "Splatter America in the s and inspired many jokes, songs and movie accident gags. Viewers of the Sci Fi Channel stars. Nearly pgs. German novel recently filmed by Sean Penn.

Obscure a n d unreleased sixties a n drelated rock genre collectibles. Box , Dept. Ghoulardi and 3 4 David Carradine interview Pt One. Coffin Joe The Ghoul, Cleveland's legendary horror hosts. James Hong inter- interview. Davie Allan of The Arrows interview. Robert Wise interview. Boris Karloff in Mexico. Fanzine guide. The incredible A C. Stephens, Russ Tamblyn John Agar interviews. The amazing view! David Carradine letter! Twistin' i n Racket feature! Censored Drew Philip Law. History of Fanzines. Timothy Farrell speaks! Brad Marks and Peter Jackson! Dourif and Roberts Blossom!

Angela Mao cover. T o College cover. Jones Pt. Clint Howard. DIE cover. M cover. Armstrong Pt. T h e teach Boys, Liz Renay and Come! Mickv Spillaine! Copies are shipped in special sturdy boxes. We add new merchandise every issue. Only S2 for printout ppd. Write for low ad rates! Tell only these back issues are available for wholesale minimum us what issue to start your subscription with! State size: Large or X-Large. These records were discovered in a secret waterproof vault under Lake Erie!

It includes. Martins by Jon Savage. Weldon minimal drums. It's slick and yes, the overall story arc is predictable, but the gleeful carnage more than makes up for any lack of narrative surprise. Most enjoyable. A U T O P S Y is a druggy curio from featuring Mimsy Farmer as a forensic examiner suffering hallucinations about corpses climbing off their slabs to cavort about the morgue. When a series of violent suicides brings new customers to her workplace, it turns out someone she knows is behind the carnage. Dark story, claustrophobic direction, unnerving music by Ennio Morricone.

A masked psycho killer culls his victims from pot-smoking, orgiastic tures, the reviews, asking if it was really that easy to make cheap exploitation hippies, beautiful, naked lesbians, and assorted lowlifes, gorily murdering moviesfilledwith barely dressed girlchiks here in America.

Then he related them to the strains of great, driving instrumental rock. The perfect cinematic the basic plot for the next movie he wanted to write and direct. Commercial, equation. Dubbed in English, although the extended Anchor Bay version no. Psychotronic, oh yeah. Maybe, he mused, he should move to America. I asked him if there were any movies in the last issue that he particularly sion is the best currently available, since the Criterion went out of print. It's a wanted to see. He pointed to an ad.

That one. Cheap, includes eight additional Asian subtitles for all you language students out sleazy entertainment chock fulla nude women struggling tofillscreen time, there. The former is a wild ensemble action comedy that and assorted other extras. With a killer cast look for a lishment cliches, Carmen Miranda seduces and kills young Chingmy Yau and an all-over-the-map plot, them one by one.

Considerably creepier is T H E action, unabashed wirework with wires visible. The comedy and tion and craftsmanship. In fact, this paragraph GEMINI training sequences tend to drag, but overall it's a works as a thumbnail argument that Franco's career has been a steady slide beautifully mounted extravaganza with terrific action downhill. A cute, antisocial motorcycle Yi and Kawashima Yoshiko, it's pure cartoon, pure fun. Unfortunately, his talents. Yeah, so?

It's fun, it's twisty, it's twisted, it's got good action - albeit the leader's sweet U'l girlfriend isn't so sure she wants to be dead. Sounds with stars like Louis Koo and Nick Cheung it's obviously going to be gimmicky like a satire, and it is I guess, but played with just a dash of tongue in cheek action and not real martial arts. Still, it's nice to see Yasuaki Kurata in an HK and all the more entertaining as a result. Max Mok and Jacky ed gem, a marvelously crafted tale of zombies prowling the dark English Cheung are rival street racers.

While Jacky's dad Wu Ma tries to shut them countryside. Before you can say Romeo essarily-likeable duo of antagonistic romantic leads and is steeped in grit and and Juliet, tragedy ensues. Now you can daughter. The film lives or dies on the acting: Ti Lung as the cop, Hui Ying throw away those grainy, multi-generation bootlegs. Inspired casting. Words tofiveby: "Every teenager is repellent somehow. Director Billy Chung, who also tricks and showstopping gore sequences. NEEDING YOU is one of Milkyway's recent fering an unsuccessful marriage and taking it out on any criminals he comes attempts to redefine their public perception, and it clearly worked, racking across.

The excellent supporting cast includes Ada Choi, Pinky Cheung, and up major box office earnings. Andy Lau is Andy Lau. Sammi Cheng on the Pauline Chan in aflashbackas the dead prostitute. Here she hits her stride, in a standout, memorable role along the this time convincingly played by a haggard Emily Kwan. Shame about the end. It's a monumentally seedyfilm,perfectlyfittingthe ING YOU had even ended its two-month theatrical run, the same team of ugliness of the crime. Sir Ho Kau Kei Charity Hospital is SOUP direct translation: "Human Head Tofu Soup" is based on the same staffed by mercenary, uncaring old-timers two of whom are named Andy and notorious true crime, and shares many incidents: burning with straws, Leon, in a nice in-joke and run by a cabal of shady puppeteers.

When a trio shoplifting, coprophagia, body in the fridge. In fact the disc ter movie territory. It should be noted that the sub- cially toward the end. While both films wallow in sadism, degradation and tides end before the movie does.

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She's also no longer a greedy, least interesting character, surrounded by Tommy Wong as sleazy lowlife, but a poor, misguided altruist seeking cash for comic relief, Billy Chow in an excellent bit role, and Wong Wai grandma's operation. As for nudity, Cherry is body-doubled for who? Christy Leung as a nebbish wielding a serum that makes people horny. Written about 5 minutes of screen time. The original was and fall in with the sweetest, kindest king of pimps Archie. Although the gals a piece of garbage from Tony Leung, attempting to rip off RING and failing simply can't get enough sex, and despite Archie's pal Jughead played by miserably.

This one, co-written by Tony and directed by the nominally more ubiquitous geek Sam Leung feeding them "smoke" by sticking his finger up talented Francis Nam, again borrows liberally from recent Japanese horror, their noses, there's nary a hint of the expected exploitation in the innocuous, providing a mildly entertaining story culminating in a bodyless head haunting nudity-free story. Instead, the bulk of the film consists of dull music video our heroes. Joey is a talented actress when given a real script; here she walks sequences of the cute, goofy gals laughing, cavorting in the streets, playfully through her fat si role "she's not a witch, she's an author" , plodding wrestling in the bedroom with Archie whom they call "daddy" to the strains toward the weak ending.

Director even bothered DVDing it. I have no problem watching Jay and motionless figure in the midst of frenetic fast-forward motion. Top-billed Cecilia slither seductively through the night, accompanied by cool, avant Anthony Wong has a relatively small role as Archie's boss. Supermodel here they replay their roles as lawman and moll.

For no apparent reason, they merge toward the end, resulting in a sters; together they get involved with a kidnapping and a Falun Gong-like cult. I enjoyed perhaps a minute of the film. Benny together. Credit Kathy. Personally I'll buy anything starring Shooky aka spell "hypnosis" wrong. Much of the cast an absolutely radiant Maggie Cheung.

Richard Sun as the villain. First, though, bies in extremely poor makeup. Includes one ist Maggie comes into the picture. Many Japanesefilmshave shown up on the hemp Utter nonsense; mild fun Suspend TOR. Here things take a left turn. Without going into too recommend - but I enjoyed it. Sadly, there's little action, poorly executed, sadly lacks the top-notch music of the film HK pop idol Andy and Manfred Wong's story, while peppered with interesting ideas, Hui appears in a great role as a clown-faced assassin in make Wong Jing seem focused in comparison,..

Dark and surprising. A word of warning here for DVDs from Jumbo with the additional shocking burst of violence. He doesn't Aiwa. I'll vinces him he should have the authorities bring the Rolling Stones to Tokyo. She later provides a shower his depictions of ignoble savages e. Chin Siu Ho also is the cop engaged in this cat and mouse game. The amidst explosions on a deserted Filipino highway. Thefilm'snow out on a mainland and co-wrote the script The opening credits are allows for a retrospective viewing, and man do I adore it.

Beat Takeshi different and the soundtrack is available in AC-3 Mandarin only, sounding on Kitano's directing debut is a hilariously nasty psychodrama of a cop whose two-channels as if it were recorded in an echo chamber. Kitano plays the vicious psychotic supplying the. Thoroughly unique, thoroughly amazing. Following his series of bor unexpectedly bursting into song-and-dance routines with backing singers notorious yakuza tales, Kitano threw a curve ball with KIKUJIRO, about a lip-synched to Grace Chang classics Mainland Chinese distributors Tung gruff, antisocial misfit played by Kitano on a road trip with a young kid.

A two-bladed youngster reluc- basically eschews a central storyline in favor of a series of road vignettes. The tandy takes on a vicious gang after they assault his honey. The title, we learn at the end, is the name of the main character - and of filmmaking; small, modern, gritty and alternative. Kitano appears donym by Wang Xiaoshuai, it tells the tale of an underground Beijing artist who as actor only in Nagisa Oshima's GOHATTO, a uniquely multifaceted, multi- stages a performance piece consisting of his own suicide. Mamet in ancient Japan. Gorgeously shot, it's a non-supernatural but als.

It's a cute and lightweight inspirational comedy that follows a predictable nonetheless haunting horror story that manages to introduce freaks and arc with some amusing moments along the way. The slang-filled dialogue punks into ye olde, plague-ridden Japanese slums. Based on a story by introduced new phrases to the local populace and inspired books on how to renowned Japanese crime author Edogawa Rampo, it includes Tsukamoto talk like a transvestite. The HK DVD includes a behind-the-scenes, unsubbed themes ofrivalry,bloodshed and bodily disfigurement. Four tales of period horror are played Eric Kot brought in to dub the Canto version.

EVIL DEAD TRAP appears at first Spanish filmmaking, a bleak and cniffing horror film that opens with glimpse to be a relatively twisted bodycount flick, but eventually reveals itself graphic footage shot in a local slaughterhouse. When one of the employees to be much, much more. Body hijackers are stealing people filmmakers, is gritty with a purpose, and the gay for their parts. Slow to start, but well worth a visit. The second in a series or rather, several series; brutal acts of violence.

Laden with nasty plot devices a mask. One sexual and nihilistic odyssey through the underside of modern France. Spit Beautifully directed, with excellent low-key acting. Even better is "Octopus pot. It ain't what you to drugs, violence, hostility, the whole nine yards. Kei Mizutani is the dominatrix who spices up her on-air that to mean that most of them are lousy actors. The pair, super- sequences. The naturally supercharged, fight it out on prime time TV.

The only thing I've left twist it takes place in Bosnia. As frontperson, or PJ "porn jockey" , theyfinda cutie who likes Lars Von Trier'sfirstfilmis a gorgeously grim, dirty, ugly, retro-futurist noir nothing better than to shed her clothes in front of an audience. Constant foreboding, constant doubt, constant waking nightmare. He's upstairs, she's below; in between is a hole. Nothing can be trusted. A moody masterpiece, available domestically from It's slow moving, slow developing, but oddly goofy, with the downstairs neigh- Criterion.

Ulmer's DETOUR from is rightly following a pair of long-ago German silents , his triumphant return to regarded as a classic of cardboard noir. Made on the double-cheap, it's a German filmmaking and the last movie he completed before his death. Made cynical tale of a poor chump whose life takes a wrong turn when he meets a in I and infused with pre-Bond cold war paranoia, it's a terrific crime brassy dame. A model of effective, economic filmmaking. Ray the film.

And nothing, nobody is gonna get between him and from All Day including both the original German soundtrack and an English the bottle. It's a bleak and depressing story, undermined slightly by the dub, as well as a top-notch commentary track byfilmhistorian David Kalat.

Here Kalat ed to the major leagues, with squads of cops attempting to blast killer Henry unveils a convoluted and internecine history of the films and their creators Fonda out of his top floor apartment. Amidst the shadows he flashes back to that's at least as interesting as the films themselves.

And that's saying a lot. Also included this time is an alternate, shorter version of the of returning WWII vets. The exceedingly ugly story's as progressively pessimistic as anything Made in , it consists of the first two installments in a projected four-film coming out of indieland today, the direction and photography not only ahead series - the latter half of which was never completed. If ever a movie deserved DVD, this is it.

He used technicians from that a "Collector's Edition. A private three years later. Lang's real popular breakthrough came in dick goes undercover in the nuthouse in an attempt to locate a with thefilmDESTINY, a fantasy in which young lovers are missing judge. In addition to the usual loonies he meets up with separated by Death and the bride-to-be dares to challenge him. Fast-paced and fun The tery and magic. A two-part, hour epic produced and and a locked tomb containing a mysterious secret. Huge, impressive sets were built to atmosphere. He's obsessed with his dead wife.

Thefirstof Bela's ninefilmsfor Monogram, it utilizes tunately the central storyline, about a kidnapped British architect standard sets and low budgets to provide maximum enjoyment being coerced into building a monumental tomb, is less than courtesy of director Joseph H. High drama is provided by compelling. His last silent WILD.

Needless MGM. When the gang decides to redecorate Ava's cottage, the huns try to to say, this version of M doesn't match the Criterion disc, but it's nice, clear, scare them off by masquerading as ghosts. Writer Kenneth Higgins, in his sharp, and as an extra, adds superb value to the budget-priced disc. Since only script for Monogram, takes a swipe at the producer with a comment we're talking about silent pioneers, I should mention Colin McKenzie, the about the "Katzman mob," and if you listen really closely, Bela is purported greatest turn-of-the-century filmmaker who never existed.

The incredibly inventive and extraordinarily well-crafted mockumen- lime nonsense, shot in 13 days in but unreleased until Or rather, her body. Ulmer has been getting a lot of press recently. It's bodies at a strip show, a beauty contest, a modeling session. If you delight of Eisenhower-era horror. Another mad doc sends his zomboids to collect hearty young vants, mysterious murders and whispers of werewolves to his tale of a young hornies.

In his secret lab he leeches off their fornicational auras to keep fiancee terrified of inheriting her father's legacy of insanity. Shot in six days, himself young. Dorian Gray, eat your heart out. Hilarious dialogue, clueless satanic majesty Albert Grossman. Joan Baez, "hippie" orgies, copious faceless nudity Donovan, they were scrapings from his boot. It was also A unique insight into the supercool. SYD released "cool" without the extra flesh. Adventurer John faces off The footage is all silent, with accompaniment against the doc and his wicked guardian.

Part one is a grainy single-camcorder ing piece of crap, featuring Pam Grier as the video of a prematurely aged icon gathering most vicious of the beast people. The second half is far better today as when it was first released. Japan's current hottest musical export, picked up by Troma, who retitled it and The Michelle Gun Elephant, are available on immediately alerted Woman Against multiple music videos.

At last year's Prostitution that they should be picketing Cavestomp in NYC they proved themselves to the damn thing, generating cheap press. Someone named Eli Roth offers excellent compendium of their video clips. Tom provide one of my fave videos of the past few Warner is one of those media mavens who millennia. Nice it is. The tape also they embodied. Dylan was at his apex, king of the ING? Edward w a s starting. I was a bit further advanced This interview was the result of attending an art at that stage.

I'd b e e n hired and brought d o w n from opening in Malibu during the summer of I had Dublin. Edward lived in Cork and b e c a m e a small part just gotten acquainted with actress Frances Drake MAD player and that's h o w his career started. I'm going to LOVE and was asked to b e her escort for the event. We're very old friends. Frances, was, at that time, a very striking, silver haired W h e n I finished at the University, I was playing young w o m a n of aristocratic beauty.

The w h o l e film takes place during o n e night. That's party the following w e e k e n d at his h o w I got into film, really. I have it beachfront house. After that, w e on tape. W h e n I started James Mason became friendly and I invited him to was already g o n e from Irish theater. Reed, was a was asking my advice o n a o n e - m a n wonderful director for actors. That s h o w he was producing himself the scene of the robbing of the mill, he life of Herman Melville. Dan contributed so much to every actor, O'Herlihy was, in my estimation, an most particularly to me, he made easy-going, modest, yet intellectual suggestion after suggestion, that w e man w h o could b e delightfully Irish walked around and smiling and w h e n the occasion called for it.

I chucking the girls under the chin liked him enormously. By the end and making jokes, and make a point of the 's, I lost touch with Dan, of doing that, so that people looking but I have great memories. My father w a s a civil servant a n d I didn't get that Irish family over 40 years, and w a s based o n a novel m u c h in the w a y of money, for cigarettes. Some friends by D a p h n e DuMarier. Margaret Lockwood, Dennis of mine w e n t d o w n and applied for crowd w o r k in the Price, and Jean Simmons starred. It was also released Abbey Theater and I w e n t d o w n too.

We got the crowd here by General Films. An attempt to make a low budget never b e e n to see a play. I did an amateur thing at u n d e r schedule in 20 days. The effective, minimal sets the University for a joke, the director of the Abbey w e r e designed by former set designer O'Herlihy and gave an award, I w o n the award and the Abbey offered Welles. The cast includes Jeanette Nolan in her film m e a part. What a pity it is already cast. T h e n w e w e n t back here Smaller roles in more Hollywood films followed.

The idea Beaudine. T h e l o w budget version of the m u c h filmed being, if there were n o microphones o n t h e set, y o u Robert Lewis Stevenson novel starred Roddy McDowall could have three scenes going o n o n the o n e stage at and O'Herlihy still using their Scottish accents , Sue the same time.

At was a Universal release starring J o h n Payne a n d J o a n the end, of course, w e w e r e called back to d u b t h e Caulfield as a w i d o w victim, a n d Shelley Winters a n d film. We had already b e e n timed to o u r o w n voices Dan Duryea as villains. O'Herlihy w a s in the o n e starring Edward G. Everything w a s a great big joke. That's what carried Robinson. Afterwards w e looked 20th, 51 starred James Mason at the rushes and the lights as Field Marshall Rommel a n d w e r e o n him and his s h a d o w w a s directed by Henry was being cast o n t h e sky.

I Hathaway. H e w a s leaving French film. Charles Cagliostro. THE Ratoff is beside m e. I think Orson m a y have but United Artists didn't pick it u p for America until ' This is wonderful! You are a wonderful "He Bunuel didn't speak English ever. I h a d to learn actor from Ireland. We must talk. Of course w e w e r e shooting it in English. We and h e says 'Nobody is to interrupt m e. I a m t o receive w e r e shooting a scene in English a n d then Bunuel n o telephone calls.

I have with m e this wonderful w o u l d say 'Ola, e n Espanol. I h a d already played the storms around the office saying I'm a wonderful actor scene in English, s o I understood w h a t the Spanish w a s and I'm absolutely perfect for the role of the young saying. I did it that w a y all through the film. Orson is so right, they d u b b e d the Spanish version afterwards. After a. Of all his early '50s speak slowly. H e w o u l d say more subtlety, and with Hollywood roles, n o n e is probably as well r e m e m b e r e d gestures, I would get the message too.

The Albert troubles with him. He w a s very very easy to work for. Zugsmith p r o d u c e d anti-Communist fantasy PV 17 You couldn't talk to him before o n e o'clock though. I don't think h e w h o hypnotizes the others in a Manhattan bar to shock drank. He was one of those people w h o took a long them into being prepared for a n u k e attack.

He just sat skulking in the chair. You In , something very unlikely h a p p e n e d. After lunch he always came tle character actor was nominated for a best actor through and the glint came into the eye. His father United Artists had gone into shock w h e n the reviews appears in a scene. I play the father too, that w a s at my came out. Bunuel had m a d e the statement you should w e r e treating it as a schlock B picture.

They had a never d o anything for effect in worldwide budget for advertising film making. The big mock and Bunuel's in the far far splurge w a s they brought m e to diagonal corner near the ceiling of New York. So I said did the same. They went into 'Senior. Mucho effectivo! I have They couldn't understand it. They to s h o w you are alone! All Bunuel was - s o m e Mexican. It always is tures, u p to then he'd b e e n very with the real artists. The real esoteric, very experimental. That's what I k n e w cure, that have the problems.

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This was not so with him from. I called after the picture came out. United Bunuel. Nor w a s it so with Carol Reed. Suddenly Hollywood d o have the sort of egos that get wildly in United Artists paired Bunuel's picture with it, with the the w a y of their work.

A lot of the directors d o more other o n e o n top of the bill. The other o n e would get acting than the actors do. So it didn't m a k e money. But the other o n e ture was. He w e n t to England to m a k e a picture, I got a reasonably g o o d attendance because they c a m e went too, h e w a s dressed the same way.

Stand Up : We stand with you

I called United Artists and this was playing a game. I saw it all over the place. My said you always play pictures o n Hollywood Boulevard brother director Michael O'Herlihy dresses like an before D e c e m b e r to qualify for the Oscar. They said, assistant bank manager, m a k e s a point of it w h e n he's 'Nobody's ever heard of you, the picture's played out, out in the desert.

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