Virgo weekly 27 to 5 tarot card

Get more done by adopting a direct mindset, zooming in on the crux of things and tackling them at that level. The Queen of Wands is all smiles and inspiring platitudes, she puts on a good face- and this is you right now. Please, please pause and think about the consequences here.

Try to zoom in on the issue from an objective standpoint, if it had happened to a friend what would you say, how would you mitigate the negatives, what do you believe can be learnt from it.

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The Wheel of Fortune is a powerful card of change and transformation- all of which begins within, from inside your heart and mind. To the outside world, however, it may look like not much is happening. All of these cards represent internal, private musings and ideas. This needs to be done alone and away from your usual everyday life, so get as far away mentally, if not physically as possible. The answer to this situation lies within, as shown by the intuitive, wise woman, The High Priestess. Consider, reflect, ponder… let this insight emerge in its own time this week.

I promise it will! Are you ready to transform? Hope so, because the Death card visits you this week and brings it transformative energy to your life.

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With focus and intent, you can make some really positive moves and, by this time next week, be in a totally different place. What activities no longer bring you joy? Identify the places you feel dull, disappointed or disconnected… and welcome in change. Be cautious while driving.

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You can expect a job or financial benefits today. Money given will come to you. All fiscal matters loans installments, investments, buying and selling etc will draw your attention. The fine art of making less more, financial planning of how to increase your contribution towards your provident fund to save as much as you can while you work is on the card.

You should have a bit of patience before your career matters start stabilizing.

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Delays could frustrate you today. You may face criticism, rivalry and opposition. Trust on others may prove costly; someone close such as relative, land lord or neighbor could play foul with you so sharing working plans with anyone is not advisable. Make sure that you have kept your valuables safely. Your focus will be family and home. You could be a good home maker, and use your creative energy. You play the role of healer, mentor and guide for your loved ones. Fear for unknown will make you restless and low efficiency.

Worry, stress, and anxiety are very likely to be affecting you today. Your hard efforts seem to be fruitless. No use beating about the bush. What is it you want?


What bugs you? Out with it! As Mercury connects with the eclipse points on Saturday and begins to slow down, this is the moment of truth. Start preparing now.

Virgo Weekly Horoscope

Come Saturday the 12 th , Venus opposes Uranus and your heart is in for a shock! A no-strings attached attitude works best now.


Be willing to give others freedom. Be prepared to act from a place of non-attachment.

Virgo weekly 27 to 5 tarot card
Virgo weekly 27 to 5 tarot card
Virgo weekly 27 to 5 tarot card
Virgo weekly 27 to 5 tarot card
Virgo weekly 27 to 5 tarot card
Virgo weekly 27 to 5 tarot card

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