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According to astrologers and pandits, the planetary positions are predicted to be such that it leaves little room for harmony and everlasting bond if two individuals enter holy matrimony this year.

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15 Tumblr Posts About Astrology That Are So Real It Kind Of Hurts

While couples are postponing marriages, say pandits, the multi-million wedding industry will take a beating, according to wedding planners. For happy events such as marriages, this is considered an inauspicious phase. However, Pandya said that at the end of the day, astrology is open to interpretation and some dates when the adverse effect of the alignment is minimal, could be worked out. Certain dates in November end and beginning of December are expected.

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This is a gross overcorrection, even though the outcry had some justification. As the Labour party knows to its cost, antisemitism is the most insidious of racisms and cartoonists in particular need to be increasingly careful when engaged in otherwise wholly justified images belabouring the actions of the Israeli government. Just like any other commercial enterprise, the New York Times can do what it likes, and I look forward to seeing some scathingly satirical tie-dyes in the pages of its international edition.

But this cuts deeper than an over-reaction to an ill-judged cartoon.

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Cartoons have been the rude, taunting part of political commentary in countries around the world for centuries, and enhance newspapers globally and across the political spectrum, in countries from the most tolerant liberal democracies to the most vicious totalitarian tyrannies. As we all know, they consequently have the power to shock and offend.

And why, for that matter, when in the late s the London Evening Standard ran a cartoon by its Jewish cartoonist Vicky attacking the death penalty, this so shocked and outraged a GP in Harrow that he wrote to the paper regretting that Vicky and his family had escaped the Nazis.

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It’s hard for us on the Israeli left – liberal antisemitism makes it worse | Ayelet Gundar-Goshen

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  • astrologer cartoon pics Astrologer cartoon pics
    astrologer cartoon pics Astrologer cartoon pics
    astrologer cartoon pics Astrologer cartoon pics
    astrologer cartoon pics Astrologer cartoon pics
    astrologer cartoon pics Astrologer cartoon pics
    astrologer cartoon pics Astrologer cartoon pics
    astrologer cartoon pics Astrologer cartoon pics

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